A Time before History implies also a Time after History? Were these archaic images from the Deer Cave used to cure? Perhaps, making them and seeing them, they would initiate to some Knowledge? To Spirits? Mystery? The author, after making the images, may not again enter the Deer Cave. Yet some images never cease to Exist. They live beyond their own Exctinction.

The recollocation of something from one world to another is a true game that children know very well. Just like when they go explore under bed sheets with a little flashlight looking for passages from this world to another. The Imagination of Il Teatro del Tempo has a similar desire; to Open a Passage.

How long do images in the present last for? Instagram, for a precise experiment of the artist is used as an archeology in reverse. Excavating a digital space, intruding lost symbols of more then 60 Centuries Ago in the screen of Now. How do we see images that last for few seconds and others still here after 6000 Years? Walter Benjamin would say that: “The illiterate of the Future will be not the man who can not read the Alphabet, but one who cannot take a Photograph".